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Hello Fairphone community,

I am conducting a research for the University of Technology of Eindhoven. I am investigating whether the sustainable awareness of consumers influences the consumption behavior (of smartphones). By filling out the form below you would really help me out, it will only take 5 minutes of your time.

Kind regards!


Out of curiosity, I would love to see your results posted here too. Or maybe a short summary of what you found out.


I will certainly do so. However, I still need some more responses.

YEah, this seems to be intresting. What do you think of fairphone reaching out to American markets?

In my opinion Fairphone first needs to get everything perfectly right in Europe, as there are still some teething problems for the company. Otherwise, they could encounter serious problems both in Europe and in America. However, when the time is right I think it is very beneficial to expand to the United States, as it opens up a very large market, and the more buyers for Fairphone, the larger their positive impact.


Just completed your survey.

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