Request for audio focus was not granted by the system

I have an audio problem.

  • can’t make phone calls any more, I hear the person at the other end but am not heared
  • can’t listen to poscast (antennapod) any more, the play button does stricly nothing
  • can’t listen to radio any more, radioDroid tells me "
    Request for audio focus was not granted by the system" when hitting the play button
  • can’t watch video, il will play for less than a second (with sound) then stops…

Unfortunately I don’t remember what I did before problems started. Was it right after the last system update? Or after I encrypted my phone? Both are not long ago…

Thanks for any hint or help where to search for that problem.

FP2 running FP-Open 19.05.2

Thanks for the reply.
I rebooted and that solved half the problem: Antennapod, radioDroid and video work again, but phone doesn’t.
When in a call I see the mic icon striked through (see image). Tapping the icon does not change anything…

Is the message about the audio focus still there, or is it gone now?

As you can hear your partners in calls, audio playback (which audio focus helps to manage) doesn’t seem to be the problem for calls anyway.
Microphone trouble could be down to hardware … the microphone is located on the bottom module. If you have (or can borrow) a headset, you could try this way if calls work in principle, without the built-in microphone.

Else … you could use the online troubleshooter …

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headset works for making a phone call, so I guess it’s the microphone.
I guess the best thing to do would be to ask an other FP2 user if I can test with their bottom module if that solves the issue? Or would you have some other suggestions what I should test?

First you could check whether simply disassembling the module from the phone, cleaning the contacts with alcohol and reassembling the module makes a difference.

If you happen to have #fairphoneangels in your vicinity there’s a good chance they could help with a bottom module for swapping.

cleaning did not help, I’ll ask an other FP2 user if I can test their module.
thanks for your help

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