Replacing the buttons

I have bought a Rear Module from a member of the forum because my GPS and finger sensor are not working reliabley. The replacement rear module does not have the buttons attached. I could remove the buttons from my current phone but the connection tab is stuck to a metal plate.

Can anone tell me how to replace the buttons? Do you have to use glue to re-stick them to the metal plate? If so, which glue - is an electrical connection needed?

I don’t want to pull the buttons off and find that I’ve ruined my pnone


If anyone else is interested in the answer to this question - I did take the plunge and remove the buttons by carefully pulling on the tab. Once I had put tthe buttons in the new rear module I attached the tab to the metal plate using a minute piece of BlueTac. Glue would be better but I didn’t want to risk not being able to remove them if my phone stopped working.
The result: My FP3 now works perfectly and the GPS is accurate - this was the reason for changing the rear module.
Good luck if you try this - just be careful and remove the tab slowly.