Replacing screen FP2

I need to replace my screen module, and need to make sure it comes with the plastic rectangular wrap around which holds the button things that you press. These break because I often take the back off to change over batteries. Not sure they come with the screen.

The black rim (that includes either black or light blue buttons) is not part of a replacement display module, it’s part of the two-part “Slim Case”.

But I think you won’t need to order a new Slim case just to get the rim. I’d recommend you create a search topic in this forum’s inofficial marketplace. My guess is you have a very good chance to find a used surplus black rim in good condition from another Fairphoner that way, perhaps even just for shipping costs. Just give it a try – most Fairphoners have the coloured back part of the Slim case breaking and not the black rim.


Many thanks for your help Urs :slight_smile:

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