Replacement of internal speaker in the top module

I replaced the internal speaker of my FP2 by this one:

Since the replacement top module for the FP2 is not available anymore I think it’s fair to share this reference, if it can help some people. It’s not complicated to replace, the new component fits in the old component place, you just need to open the module carefully.

I was not able to find another website to buy the component, if anyone has ideas he can share, because I paid 15€ for the shipping. Maybe it can be cheaper using another website?

My speaker was broken and now it works again, through the volume is a bit low: it’s ok to call in a cool area but difficuly to ear when you have lots of cars nearby. I can’t say if the volume is low because of the new speaker, or just because the phone is not really punchy (it’s a grand-dad now). Another difference between the component is that the new speaker is magnetic, whereas the old one no. No idea if it can be an issue. Now it’s 3 weeks since the installation of the new speaker and everything is fine.


And to be fully honnest i think we can do the same for the bottom module, for the “external speaker”, with this reference:
I stillneed to try, i bought it but hasn’t do the test now.

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