Replaced damaged screen, now phone starts up and then turns itself off


I smashed my FP3 screen.

I’ve now replaced the screen, I can turn the phone on, it starts up shows the FP logo, and then turns off. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Thanks Nev

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Without the phone in hand there are just idess

  • Have you reassembled effectively, maybe dome contacts are not quite setting
  • Is the battery charged.

Ensure the phone is off, long press for 20 sec or remove yhe bsttery for ten.

  • Press the power button quickly so as not to turn on, you should see the battery status
  • Plugin do not touch power button. You should see the battery status briefly

Hi Neville,
Had any luck?
As amoun says, these cases are sometimes difficult without seeing the phone itself.

  • Is charging normal? If you connect the charger, do you see the LED either yellow (charging) or green (charged)? If neither, please describe exactly what happens.

You might like to check whether there’s a #fairphoneangel in your area. Find out about them and check the map. These are great people who may be able to help by checking the phone, swapping some parts to check they’re all OK. Bear in mind, that when you smashed the screen, some other component may have been damaged at the same time.

And of course you can contact official support even if the phone’s out of warranty, they may be able to take you through some diagnostic steps.


Hi Amoun, thanks for the response, sorry for the delay getting back to you.

Yes, it assembled correctly and I have made sure that it has been turned off with battery removed etc.

If I plug it in it will charge and I know the battery is OK as I have tested it in another fairphone.

The problem seems to be that when I turn it on it works for a few seconds and then powers off, I think something other than the battery or screen must be damaged. Maybe the power button or something?

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Hi OldRoutard,

Yes, it seems to be charging normal, the battery is 96% charged and the green LED is lit.

If I try to turn on phone then the black ‘Fairphone, powered by android’ screen comes on, then the phone turns off.

Thanks for the advise on the FP angel and the offical support, I will look those up.


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