Replace standard Android emojis with EmojiOne (three methods) [root/flashable zip]

This is not fixed by switching emoji; especially since now you and the other side have a different set of emojis :wink:

Not, if I use them on Twitter and here in the forum! :grin:

You are right, but EmojiOne and Twitter emoji sets are far more compatible with Apple ones (although following the Unicode standard more strictly) than Google Noto emoji set, IMHO. And less (version) fragmented, too.

(PS: @Stefan, are you sure Twitter official apps use EmojiOne?)

It did work. Sorry for the confusion.

They don’t use Emojione, they use Twemoji (or similar). However, Twidere, my favourite Twitter app, uses the device’s local emoji font. :innocent:

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Hi all
Quetion, I flashed the but now I like to go back to the standard emoji. Anybody has a flashable zip for that cleaning up?
Thank you!
Lg ivi

I think the easiest way is waiting for the next update (the next beta is already in the pipeline, so it should come the next week). :wink:

There’s no such ZIP, but you can restore the original emoji font if you have root access. My flashable do a backup before setting Emojione font, :wink:
To achieve this, you should remove NotoColorEmoji.ttf at /system/fonts and rename NotoColorEmoji.ttf.old to NotoColorEmoji.ttf.

Thank you Roboe

This will work for me!
A quetion, i cant get on your github link (

Wehre iam wrong? Your file should be at this link?

Greetings ivi

For some reason, the release with the zip file was marked as a draft. I’ve just published it again:

(The old link should work again now, BTW)


…what did you flashed then? If it wasn’t mine (which is called, btw), then probably the zip file didn’t backup the original NotoColorEmoji.ttf font file, :confused:

hmmm :wink: a kind of zip file called emoji…zip dont knew more.
But now, i dont knew how i could get it form you :hushed:

…anyway, now i restored it and its good for me :wink:

Have a great Pre Chrismas time and all the best


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I’m running fairphone free OS with F-droid as the only software repository. Is there any way I can switch to emojione without rooting my Fairphone 2?

Yeah, just flash the flashable zip through TWRP recovery.

Also note, FP Open OS already came pre-rooted, you just need to check an option on Developer Options (which is hidden, tap 6 times over Compilation number on About phone)

What is TWRP recovery? I couldn’t find anything about that in F-Droid.

I don’t want to ruin the security model of the phone, so rooting isn’t something I’ve felt like messing with. I’m a sysadmin normally but always try to do everything with the principle of least privilege. As a result I’ve been using a Nokia 1100 until very recently, so still haven’t worked out which things are stuff I won’t do and which are just stuff I haven’t got to yet!

The search function of the forum is your friend :wink:
Porting TWRP recovery

Also: Newest version with encryption support

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Yeah, but TWRP is also part of FP Open.

Simply boot into #dic:recoverymode and use one of the install options there. Don’t hesitate to ask when you need further assistance. Either here or on IRC Freenode or Matrix (#wearefairphone).

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Thanks for this tip. I had a look at that and worked out how to turn on root access via ADB only, do what I needed in an adb root shell, and shut the access back off again. Very handy!

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Great! :slight_smile:

As you modified your system that way, you should redo the modifications on every system update. I suggest you to read about the recovery mode (usually referred as TWRP) with the info linked above by @Stefan and to review the code and use my flashable zip on the future, maybe, :wink:

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