Repeated spurious voicemail alerts (SOLVED by Phone/Clear Data )

My FP2 (standard unmodified, updated fully) suddenly started giving spurious voicemail alerts, sometimes several times an hour. The Message bar indicator remained on all the time, indicating waiting voicemail call from an unknown number.
I tried deleting all stored voicemails at the server and then deleted some apps that I had installed about the time the problem occurred. No effect. Contacted my provider (Phone Co-op in UK) but they could not suggest any action. (They then said they would contact FP). In the meantime I went to the Apps/All setting and discovered that I seemed to have two instances of the Phone App installed, both 'version 5.1-r4275.1_FP2_gms59_1.5.1-, but one listed as 0.98 MB and the other as 1.78MB. I pressed the ‘Clear Data’ button for both, and my spurious voicemail messages ceased.

I’m posting this to help anyone else who gets this problem, and to ask why there seem to be two identical phone apps installed and running at the same time. The option to uninstall is nor available for either. I have not tried the effect of using ‘Force Stop’ on one of them. Should I?

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I had something similar - it would repeatedly tell me about a new [legit] voicemail - sometimes several times a minute, and at 3am (when the voicemail had been left mid-afternoon the previous day)… :unamused:

I also found I have two instances of the Phone App installed - cleared the data but wary of stopping one of them.

Thank’s for the tip, and sorry I can’t help - just wanted to let you know you weren’t the only one!

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