Repeat notifications - any way to turn them off?

Hi there,
When I get a message (SMS, Whatsapp, other), my FP4 keeps repeating the notification until I respond to the notification. I find this extremely annoying and would like to turn off this feature but I can’t seem to find how. This is probably more a question about Android 12 than about the FairPhone as such, but I can’t find an answer anywhere online. Or I find answers that refer to Settings menu’s that my phone doesn’t have (e.g. Settings>Notifications>Messages. I don’t have a ‘Messages’ sub-menu).

Does anyone else have this issue as well, and - better yet - have found a way to stop notifications from repeating?

Thanks, Wietse

Schau mal ob du Schlummerfunkion aktiviert hast

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Hi Yvonne,
Yes, ‘Allow notification snoozing’ is turned on in my Notification settings menu. I suppose I could snooze every individual notification or conversation but that’s not quite what I was looking for since (if I understand correctly) that would still require me to respond to every notification to snooze it.

To provide some context: I might be in a meeting and receive a couple of messages. I’ll ignore those messages (because I’m busy at that moment) and the last thing I want is my phone to remind me again and again that I have unanswered messages. I hope this makes sense.

Not sure why I anserwed in German, still it seems you understood😉

So did you try to turn off, because I think thats actually what is causing repeated Notification, what you dont want to my understanding.

I know this annoying behaviour from I phones and I never had this with Android and for me this is just disabled.

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But iPhones only repeat the notification once, not until you react.

That is not really important, I just wanted to confirm that I understand what happens in general.

The notification is snoozed automatically and reappearing when you do not react to it.

Thanks for the suggestion, I just turned of the ‘allow notification snoozing’ function and am curious to see if it will make a difference. I do find it strange that it doesn’t mention anything about automatic snoozing because my interpretation of that setting was that it would give you the option to snooze messages. Anyway, I’ll give it a try and will report back if it has solved my issue.

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Havent ever checked how it should work, maybe it should work as you think and its a bug…for me either way nothing useful, when I dont pay attention its still there and just quiet.

Hi there, I just wanted to report back quickly to let you know that the issue of repeated notifications seems to have been resolved by your suggestion to turn off ‘allow notification snoozing’.

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