Repeat message stating 'yahoo can not sign in'

Since I changed my yahoo password 2 weeks ago I kept getting updates stating that ‘yahoo can not sign in’. This happens about 30 times a day. I have deleted the yahoo mail app. Any other suggestions to stop this? Thanks

If you need the account on the phone, for which apps do you use it?

Perhaps this is an idea.
Go to Settings
Go to Accounts
See if Yahoo is mentioned there, if so, delete the acoount and add the account again if you need the Yahoo account on the phone.

thanks for your reply. I have already deleted the yahoo mail app but keep getting this message.

Is it a workaround to install your yahoo mail app,
enter your accountdetails in the app,
then sync the app once
go to the settings in the app and put sync off or to manually.
If you then no use the app, it will ‘disappear’ to idle apps.

Check that password again. Probably you have just entered a wrong password (if possible, click the “see characters”-button :eye: ).

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