Repairing the new Fairbuds

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We’re so proud of the Fairbuds, our first fully modular in-ear headphones that’s all about premium sound, designed to last. With seven replaceable parts, removable batteries in the earbuds and the charging case, and a three-year extended warranty, the Fairbuds are built to go on and on and on.

Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide on repairing the new Fairbuds. All you need is a standard Philips screwdriver. A prying tool, like a pair of tweezers or this plastic triangle, will make opening up things easier, but it isn’t essential. Keep in mind, before you start repairing your Fairbuds, make sure they are not charging or attached to a device with a cable. Also, make sure you’re working on a flat surface.


With the Fairbuds, you do not need to worry about replacing the batteries any time soon. They are designed to run a long, long time. Consider replacing them only when you feel they are running out of juice faster. We also recommend not fiddling with the mechanism unless you absolutely have to, so the silicone ring and the battery tray itself stay in the best shape possible for the longest time. The silicone ring helps ensure maximum protection against rain and sweat.

To start with, you need to remove the silicon ring around the bud. If it doesn’t come off with your nails, use your prying tool. We recommend removing it by pulling it up and over the outside of the earbud, over the touch area. Be careful not to overstretch it too much, as that might damage the rings.

Now, use your nails (or the prying tool) to open the rotating battery tray. You should see +/- indicators on the tray. Please remember, the battery door doesn’t open all the way. This is one of the most delicate parts of the Fairbuds, so make sure you are careful when doing this. Once the battery door is open, remove the battery inside and insert your replacement battery, matching the +/- polarity indicators. Make sure that you insert the battery in the tray and not force it into the earbud with the tray opened. Also, quick note here, make sure the battery (and your hands) are clean while doing this. Grease and dust can affect the reliability of the connection.

Once the battery’s in, close the tray. You should hear a slight click when it is shut properly. Assemble the silicone ring back the same way you took it off, pulling it over and around the outside of the earbud. If you look closely, you will be able to see an L or R marked inside as well, to indicate which earbud it belongs to.

Now turn your earbuds on, either by popping it in the charging case and closing and reopening the lid, or by pressing the touch control on the earbud for three seconds. You’re good to go. Don’t forget to locally recycle your old battery!


Replacing the charging case battery is easier than the earbuds. Flip the case over and remove the screw at the bottom of the case. Now open up the cover and remove the charging case core from the outer shell. You should find the battery case at the bottom of the charging case core. Remove the old battery and insert a new one. Put the charging case core back in the outer shell, close it up with the cover and screw it back into place. There! You’re done. Again, don’t forget to properly dispose of your old battery.


We have made the outer shell and core two separate parts to keep the electronics inside the charging case as safe as possible. To replace the outer shell, you flip the case over and remove the screw. Now remove the core and place it inside a replacement shell and screw it back up again.

The charging core is what contains all the electronics of your charging case as well as the battery tray. If you feel there are charging issues with your Fairbuds and the battery is working fine, the problem might be the charging core, which is also replaceable. Like with the charging case battery, flip the case over and open up the screw on the back. Now remove the old charging case core and remove your working battery. Slot it into the new charging case core, put it back inside the out shell and close the cover. Screw it back into place and you’re done.


If you lost one of your earbuds, you can order a new one from our webshop. To pair your replacement earbud with your old earbud, pop them both into the charging case. Once they both have an acceptable amount of charge, perform a factory reset. You can do this by pressing the charging case button for 10 seconds until the LED blinks white. Keep the case closed for at least five seconds, after which you can pair it with your devices again.

Check out the new Fairbuds, now available for €149. Premium sound. Designed to last.