Repairing shops & case shops in Barcelona

Finally arrived the day my screen was broken after it fell… :’( I’ve read some posts and i have seen that self-repairing is possible (and for some people more convenient). However, i’d like to ask you if you know and recommend me a repair shop in Barcelona.

I’d like to use the post to ask if anyone knows a shop that sells locally made cases, that fits and protects well my FP (yep, i’ve learned the lesson) Hahaha. If not, I think I’ll just order a FP case with a new Bstock screen…

Thank you so much!

pD: while I don’t repair my screen, how could i protect the FP and myself from the broken glass?

There is a Fairphone community account in Barcelona on Twitter.

Maybe you can contact them.

Repairing your phone yourself is not very hard to do, just be sure to connect everything inside after the replacement. There is a tutorial in the iFixit app, which comes preinstalled on the FP (search for “Fairphone”).

Thank you for the info Stefan!! I had seen the tutorial, now I’m considering what I’d rather do. :wink:

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@MariaTura: There will be a community meet up in Barcelona during the MWC. See more information here:

PS: What did you do in the end to get your screen repaired?

I already have the new screen but i haven’t replaced it yet… (procrastination haha)

Maybe @ccamara can help you, or point you to someone who can. He is, I believe, active in the FP community in Barcelona and took part in the Barcelona community meetup this weekend.

Hello, thanks for mentioning me @Stefan . Fortunately I haven’t had any problem with my Fairphone, and I do not know any repairing shop. Hope you can fix your problem, @MariaTura

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