Repair shops in the UK?

My FP2 seems to be broken (water damage).

I live in UK so would like to find a repair centre here if possible. I live in Sussex. Bristol and Bradford seem to be the only branches I can see any mention of. Does anyone know of any other branches or can send more info on the Bristol one?

In case of water damage, it makes no difference whether the repair shop is familiar with Fairphone or not. The warranty is voided anyway, and the damage that water does does not differ between a Fairphone and generic smartphones.

In your position I would turn to the next available repair shop that seems serious. You might want to make them aware of the modularity of the FP2 and the disassembly instructions that iFixit provides.


Where is the Bristol shop? I would be interested to know!

Did some online-searching and found a few repair shops/centres in the UK in general and especially in Bristol. Just a few here (none of them is listing Fairphone, but they all offer “all repairs”:



Thanks for the research, but the OP seemed to think there was a particular store which could deal with Fairphone. I was interested in case they carried spares!

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