Repair services in Romania

Hi there,

I’m currently based in Romania (jud. Hunedoara) and was wondering if anyone knows of any good repair services for Fairphones? It specifically concerns my screen which has come off and is hanging on by a thread.

Mulțumesc frumos!


Hi and welcome. From your description I assume you could just order a screen from the shop and replace it? I guess the glas and the rest of the screen got seperated like here?

Else see of someone can glue it somehow, however I guess for this you dont need a special FP Repair shop.

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Hi there!
I’m also requiring repair services for my Fairphone 3. For some time it had difficulties charging and today, after I dropped it on a hard floor, it just went out. I tried to charge it, but nothing happened and it stayed off.
Where can I diagnose and repair it in Romania?


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