Repair place in Amsterdam for FP3

Hi All, my phone got wet and it looked like the bottom module was broken, so I found one in Switzerland and replaced it. After a couple of days the phone stopped charging again and it seems that the screen is not working properly either after I replaced the module ( as it doesn’t connect well after I opened the phone to replace the module). Is there any place where they could look at it? My main idea of buying a fairphone was to have it as long as possible and would prefer to get this one fixed instead of getting a new one however I found only one place in the east of Amsterdam and there was only one option to fix the battery.

Hi Daniela welcome to the forum.

Please look at the list of #fairphoneangels near you that may be able to help.

Meanwhile disassemble the phone phone and give it a few days to dry in a flow of cool to warm air.

See the ifixit guide

It’s highly likely the warranty is void but you can confirm by looking for ‘red’ square that are originally white.

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Hi Amoun, thank you, The phone got wet at the beginning of October, the charging was not working ( | let the phone dry for a couple of days). I replaced the battery and the bottom module but after a couple of days, the phone stopped charging again. I need someone to really look at it. I will for a local " angel" , hopefully someone might help. Thank you again!

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