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A few weeks ago my Fairphone3+ went off and wouldn’t turn back on. After much back and forth with fairphone, I managed to get it sent back for repair as it was still under warranty. I got an email back this morning stating it was water damaged and an eye watering quote for €433 (£373) to fix, as this type of damage is not included under the warranty, When it stopped working, there was no liquid near the phone, so I can’t get my head around how it could have happened.

Anyway, I’m not paying this, its not much less than a new phone. Does anyone know if it would be possible to get it repaired in the uk (I live in Bristol) for considerably less? Any help appreciated

Hi. I doubt you can get it repaired elsewhere but it worth thinking about the problem.

If the core module has the water sensitive markers showing ingress then Fairphone or more properly their goto repair centre Cordon with not attempt a repair, as it is will require a new main board.

Given the modularity issue dampness can get in, so being in pockets in rainy weather, or sealed pockets in the summer so the phone can’t breath ~ leaving on shelf in the kitchen etc.

Sadly you didn’t maybe ask for help before you sent it.

Here’s a topic/post about the water markers.

Read more in that topic and search for more such issues to get an idea of the problem you face.

I will also be in Bristol on 14th so could meet up.

However I don’t hold out much hope, it’s not like I have a spare core/main module. Main modules are the registered IMEI part of the phone that your call number is registered to.

Thanks for the reply. Ideally, I would like to get a new fairphone (when I can afford it). But don’t want to find myself with this same issue, through no fault of my own. Does the fairphone 4 have similar issues when it comes to moisture?

I imagine as it’s modular, similar but not the same. It is an improved version as it has waterproof rating called IP54

So a question remains ~ are you going to get you FP3 back which will cost the best part of £19. If you think the phone isn’t worth the expense I will pay for it and see if I can salvage some parts.

I’m still weighing it up. I have 30 days until the quote expires. I found this thread on reddit, which doesn’t fill; me with confidence

At the moment I’m erring towards just getting rid of it. I’m really pi$$ed off about the whole thing, as I really love the concept (self repairable, ethical & environmentally friendly) and in all likelyhood, I’m going to have to go back to an evil Samsung. I feel I’ve been conned. I mean what sort of phone can’t survive being in a pocket or sat on a shelf when I’m in the shower?!?! I’m furious.

I’ll let you know what I end up doing

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I’ve been looking around online for Fairphone alternatives. The closest I can find for general ethos is German manufacturer; “Shift”. Anyone have any knowledge/experience of this brand that may be helpful for me? I’m mainly looking for information about reliability and will being in humid conditions render it useless. I do note their manufacturing practises aren’t as rosey as fairphones. I usually use for my information, but they aren’t on that site.

I think any phone that has modular parts is more open to damp ingress.
Some older phone with just a removable battery were not as bad as all the other elements were soldered together.

With more parts conencted by plug and play type fittings there is an immenstly increased risk of the contacts becomming dirty or corroding.

I think the Shift phones have even more modules and hence places for water to ingress via a damp atmosphere.

How about getting a new or reconditioned FP3 from Fairphone? “New Life Edition” refurbished for €359. If you get them to send you back the old phone unrepaired you’d have some spares including the battery.

Amoun’s right regarding moisture: If you’re in the rain or humid conditions a lot maybe the modular design is not for you. In that case either extra precautions are needed (waterproof pocket with silica gel?) or as you say, maybe go for an evil phone that has a high IP rating thanks to being glued together.

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