Removing unwanted App Permissions

I would like to remove permissions from apps.
The problem is the apps that I found while searching need root.
Is there a better way to remove then the through rooting?

Also I would like to disable my front and my back camera completly without removing them.
I have a DSLR so I dont need the capabilities. Also I dont need the camera apps.
I also would like to disable the camera-button or change the functionality.

There is so much stuff to remove from the Fairphone Android version…

I don’t think that’s possible without root.

I personally use XPosed with XPrivacy and it works like a charm.

I don’t think that’ll be easy either. But if you have an app like XPrivacy, you can just deny all apps access to the cameras.

IIRC you are asked when pressing the first time what to do?! I think there are apps for what you want, but I didn’t test it.

I don’t agree with you here. The FPOS has nearly no “bloatware” (IIRC the only pre-installed app is iFixit) except Google Apps. And if you don’t want them, you can just choose FPOOS. I don’t know any other phone with such a clean stock ROM. :wink:

The other upside of FPOOS is that it’s pre-rooted, so your first problem is solved :wink:

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Thanks for the answers.

Yes, I dont want the camera app to start imidiatly. Maybe use it to resume music play or something.

If all the other ROM are even more full of pre installed stuff, I pity those users.

There so much stuff left to remove most of it seems to be google stuff.
Apart from the obvoius google stuff there is amaze, hangout and all the share buttons even in the logging screen.

I agree with @retsifp:
If you don’t want Google stuff and so on, you’re probably better off with the Open OS:


You can actually disable the camera app:

  1. Open the app list
  2. Tap and hold the camera icon
  3. Drop it on “App Info”
  4. Tap the “Disable” button

Well, that will also change your camera button behaviour. At me, it starts Snapchat instead of the camera. Maybe, the button is disabled at you (test it out).

If you are privacy concerned, you can stick some black insulation tape over the cameras.

That permission control is a feature of Android 6 Marshmallow which will come to the Fairphone 2 in some weeks.

You can use NetGuard to switch on/off Internet. It doesn’t need root.

On the other hand NetGuard intercepts all network traffic via VPN setting.

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Am I missing something?
Why would I want to turn off Internet? I can do that already in the Datausage?[quote=“tofra, post:5, topic:24811”]
That permission control is a feature of Android 6 Marshmallow which will come to the Fairphone 2 in some weeks.

Thanks for that Info, that is really good to hear.

Using NetGuard you can do that on a per app basis also for wifi.

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