Removing the FP2 case

in this video the case gets removed in one piece by bending it:

My case seems too rigid for that. Are there different types of cases with different stiffness or should I be able to do that too?

It seems you didn’t watch the video to the end … come on, it’s just 44 seconds long :wink: .

(For those who don’t want to watch: The video shows how to take off the long discontinued one-piece bumper case and how to put on a current more-than-one-piece so-called “slim case”).

Here’s a more current video featuring a slim case from the start …


I did watch it entirely several times. I mean come on, it’s 44 seconds long !
I just didn’t know if they were different kinds of cases, even less that the flexible one was long discontinued. I’m a fairly new fairphone user and haven’t followed all the changes.

But thanks for clearing that up!

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Just in case I am not the only one to only notice this now, iFixit has now got instructions for opening the slim case as well:


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