Remove update notificiation without updating


I’m running Kola Nut 1.8.0 right now. Last update went pretty bad for me and looking at the new features I have no need to update until the android version will be updated (which is the worst part about the phone for me).

Since yesterday, when the update came out, I got this anooying notification from Fairphone Updater saying there is a new version. Every time I swipe the notification out - it comes back.
Am I supposed to live with this notification unless I upgrade? Can I stop seeing it?


You can go to settings > Apps > All > Fairphone Updater > and disable notifications there

The show notification check box is disabled and checked, I can’t change it from there.

Oh you are right, sorry.
Well then I can only suggest to use GravityBox’s “ongoing notification blocker” function.

Really? You made the notification come back all the time after being cleared and the only way around is this?
Pretty disapointing experience (this is a real hassle), but thanks for the help.

To clarify: This is a community led forum and the community moderators are not employees of Fairphone. You should direct your critics to Fairphone directly through Support.


Oh, didn’t know that :smile:
Anyway, thanks for the help!

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