Remove Fairphone app?

I have the opposite issue as No Fairphone App on my new FP4 - #11 by Discostu36 .
How can i remove the app ? Since it’s not possible to move apps around when listing all apps or to create folders i got the fairphone app and one from my carrier which i both do not want to see at all as i just never use them.

Is there a way to do this ?

You can hide it - long press the My Fairphone icon, go to app info, pick ‘disable’!

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… I believe this was grayed out for me… But maybe I just miss read, will try later!

On the FP3 it can be disabled, I’d be surprised if this wasn’t the case on the FP4

Short of that, you could try using ADB on a computer to remove it?

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Regarding the above, see post 2 in the following topic where I removed the fairphone app

I just checked, i can’t disable it on the FP4

Just did a software update and now i can disable it, lel sry


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