Remote support, access, service on LineageOS

Good morning,
As it seems that teamviewer cannot support LineageOS, is there any other software like it what enables me to give remote support to an Fairphone 2 user running LineageOS?

Thank you

Which app exactly would I need to try this out on my FP2 with LineageOS?

Hallo Ingo,
I would like to run TeamViewer Host – Mobile App to give remote
According to multiple post TeamViewer deosn’t support LineageOS:

Sorry, forgot that one needs an account to use it. In that case I wont’t test, sorry.

as far as I know you need only an account for host but not for quick
The account itself is free as the software for personal use.

But didn’t you write you want to run the host app?

that may properly to the same job but, host is just more decent than quick
support, as requires less user interaction

Well, TV quicksupport did work for me. But i was only testing shortly

were you able to remotely control you phone.
I’ve just tried but i can only monitor but not control.

It’s some time ago i tried, but i can retest, this evening or maybe tomorrow evening, if it helps

Would be appreciated
Tomorrow is fine

No, you’re right, you cant control with quicksupport. It shows where you click, but the person in front of the phone has to do the actual work…

Good morning,

you can try the alternative: Anydesk.
The app is on googles playstore (maybe you can also find it on their website if you don’t want to use the playstore):

And here you should find the desktop software:

I tried it and it worked quite nice.

Kind regards

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I’ve just tried but again only monitoring

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