Remote Management of mobile devices

Hi everyone,

in my company our Sale’s team uses iPhones and iPads. And we have a central remote management. That is, we use the Apple business app store and Cisco Meraki server service to control, what is allowed on the phones and what not. E.g. what apps can be installed (e.g. that WhatsApp cannot be installed). We can wipe the whole contents of a phone (in the case it gets lost). Now I wonder - is this also possible with Android phones/tablets? Maybe this is something for “Fairphone as a service”? Business security is a big issue nowadays!



Short answer: Yes

I’m using such a Managed Profile to hide data from curious Programs :wink:


Google introduced work profiles in Android …

At least for now business customers can get the phones as a service. What they do with them, including enforcement of business security, is up to the customers.


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