Reminder for reinstalling app-shop

Since the update to kola nut 1.8.5 a popup reminds me to “reinstall” the app shop. I never had and never will have a Google account and I never had the playstore installed. How can I get rid of it, it disturbs me.

Where is this popup you are talking about?

If you are talking about a notification you can slide it to the right, it should not come back again.

If you are talking about a widget you can long tap it until it wiggles and move it to the top of the screen where an X will appear.

If you are talking about the reminder in the updater App itself unfortunately this will appear everytime you open the App - but how often od you open this App anyway?

Cheers from a fellow Google-free Fairphoner :slight_smile:

It was a notification and after 3 times sliding away and coming back again, with the fourth time it finally disappeared.
Thank you!


Weird, I had to slide it away only once and it did not come back… Anyways, I’m glad it finally disappeared for you too! :slight_smile:

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