Release of modules pinouts for reusability

Hi everybody.

I was wondering if it would be possible to release pinouts schematics for modules of FPs, this would be great documentation for DIYers like me who would like to reuse fairphones modules on other DIY projects.

Would there be any risk company wise in doing this kind of activity?

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The community’s DIY leader @Leo_TheCrafter might be the best address for you. See why:

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For whatever reasons, fairphone isn’t doing things like that.

“Right to repair” activist Louis Rossmann talked about schematics in general terms after reviews of the FP4 started coming out.

Essentially, he suspects that in general third parties make designs with aspects that are are shared between different models even made for different companies. This could cause legal issues if one company releases schematics, and for a small company like fairphone, even frivolous legal issues can be dangerous to their existence.
It’s impossible to say whether this actually applies and if so how much, it is simply informed speculation.


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