Reinstall OpenGAPPS Open OS 16.10.0


I have a problem still I intalled the lastest version of open OS (16.10.0).
I had the play store installed on my fairphone, but it is disapeard. I can’t reinstall it. I followed steps from this : ✏ Install OpenGAPPS (Step-by-step guide).
On the lastest version of open OS it was ok, but now, when I start my phone on TWRP mode to reinstall the play store, I can’t find the downloads, so it is impossible to install it.

Somone could help me, please ?

Sorry for my bad english :confused:

Thank you,


You first need to download the latest OpenGAPPS version & have it on your SD card or internal storage (if not encrypted), so you can pull it form there when in TWRP.
See also:


Thanks a lot ! It is ok !

I changed the title so people don’t think this is the main thread about Open OS 16.10