Reinstall Fairphone OS 1.6 (named Cherry)?


still having problems with Bluetooth – even after re-installing 1.8.5 manually from scratch! It’s not possible to use my bluetooth keyboard and once disabled bluetooth it’s not possible to activate it again:

… and other problems, e.g. | System-UI wurde beendet / Fairphone OS wurde beendet

So I want to downgrade to 1.6! Re-installing the Fairphone OS again!

Question: can I do this in the same way as for 1.8.5 – just using this ZIP file: “FP1U and FP1 with upgraded partition layout: Cherry 1.6 (~200MB)” ?
ZIP file found at


If the problem is not caused by the OS then it’s no wonder that an update didn’t solve it and I highly doubt that a downgrade will.

You should (at least in theory) be able to downgrade via the FP Updater app (advanced mode > Android for Fairphone, choose Cherry 1.6)
Otherwise I would believe that downgrading manually using the zip file will take you back.

… downgrad (manuall via ZIP) successfull!
… no bluetooth bug any more!
… external bluetooth keyboard ready!

Thanks me! :slight_smile:

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Wow I really didn’t think this would solve anything but you proved me wrong.
I’m glad everything is working for you again. :smiley:

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