Regular vs Slim Cases


I have just bought a new FP2 with the white “slim” case. I would actually prefer a black case but I see the black one that is available is a “regular” case. Will the “regular” case fit my new phone? Presumably it is thicker than the slim case but by how much?

Also, any plans for additional colours? I would quite like to get a translucent case that I think came with the early FP2 models.




Slim cases and regular cases are 100% interchangeable. :slight_smile: Each fit on all FP2s.

German online store Vireo still has the transparent regular case (switch to “Transparent” under the price tag). You can email them in English at if you can not find your way on their German site.


Urs, many thanks for the info.

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For further questions about the slim cover please continue here: