Register warranty for brand new eBay phone

I bought a brand new fairphone 4 from an individual seller on eBay. I want to register the warranty, but it is asking me to choose the reseller. The seller is just some random individual, not an “official” reseller, so obviously they don’t appear in the list of resellers. I can choose “other” but then it asks me to give the resellers name, and it seems weird to just give a sellers name like “John Smith”, but also I don’t think I can just put down “eBay”. What should I do?

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You will need the original receipt from the first buyer to show that it was a legitimate purchase. Given that phones can be stolen it would not be appropriate for Fairphone to register a phoen without proof of purchase from the origanal owner. :slightly_frowning_face:

So yes Other > The name of the seller > etc.

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That makes sense, a bummer obviously but at least it is a fairphone so easily repairable!

There’s no reason the seller shouldn’t provide evidence that it was bought, which if it was would have a 5 year warranty; not a trifling point.

Have you tried asking?


Yeah, I’ve sent him a message on eBay, but not expecting to hear back. It was sold as brand new (though did seem like the box might have been opened), and according to the eBay listing, 34 have been sold.

Be carefull, it all sounds a bit odd as they had been in short supply so I wonder how they got a hold of so many, and Faiphone bo doubt have a record of the serial numbers of one’s that go missing.

As Fairphone have all the serial numbers and IEMI numbers they would know who they sold it too, but it may be risky asking them. As you said you can repair yourself and let’s hope it lasts five years anyway.

All the best.

That’s a good point that Fairphone might know who they sold it to, I will ask. I’m not worried if it turns out to be stollen, I would prefer that it gets found out and the guy gets caught because I want to make sure my money is going towards supporting Fairphone, not a criminal!


I think you could select “Other” and add “seller name” and “eBay” (just as you proposed). Anyway I assume that the important point is that you have a proof of purchase (which has to be uploaded when registering the extended warranty!

Just to note. When my daughter handed me her 8 month old FP3+ I had to show an email from my daughter to use the default 2 year warranty. I didn’t use it I was just checking with Fairphone at the time.

One thing. is that the phone has to be registered to someone and that ‘first’ buyer’s name allways stays on the receipt with Fairphone, that cannot be changed. So my second FP3 is still registered with my daughter.

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Maybe it was different for the FP3.
In case of the FP4 the extended warranty is registered to the person requesting the extended warranty (if selected “second hand”), you may just need the proof of purchase (of the original buyer) again in case you’ll use the warranty.


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