Refurbishment for charity

Dear Fairphone Community!

I would like to introduce you one of my new projects:
A non-profit association, founded by my friends and me
to convert IT scrap into something useful.

The aim of the association is - to collect old notebooks, tablets and smartphones,
to clean data according to GDPR / DGSVO, to repair the hardware, refurbish it and to sell it in and outside the EU. We will use the proceeds to finance, in whole or in part, existing and future social projects.
We organize the first event to support a small village school in the mountains of Georgia 🇬🇪.
All of you are welcome to join this event on 16.03.2019 from 11:00 to 17:00 in Pjano Please Cafe in
Prenzlauer Berg / Berlin. At 16:00 we invite you to taste Georgian wine and food (free of charge).

You donate your old notebook / mobile
We repair it and clean all the data
We support child educational project in Georgia :georgia: and Ukraine :ukraine:

What else?

at 13 .00 Presentation refurbishing instead of recycling: circular life of a computer
at 15:00 meet up open source technologies
at 16:00 Georgian wine and food degustation

Event on Facebook


For some people in the Netherlands, who only use there computer/laptop for basic needs, I have installed Linux Lubuntu. Now there is no need to buy a new computer/laptop. Was their computer/laptop almost unusable slow, now under Lubuntu they are impressed by the improved performance.

Yes, this is also something what i do as FOSS suporter and it-technician…

Many people doen’t even know, that there are alternatives to Windows and MacOS…

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