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Hello dear Fairphoners,

I’m a full time International Business full-time student at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam, and a part-time Fairphone employee and intern. I’m in my last year of studies and I’m working on a thesis project that discusses refurbishing smartphones as a way of reducing e-waste.
I’m researching the attitudes and awareness about refurbishment among consumers and I would kindly like to ask you to help me gather the necessary primary data. My research is independent of Fairphone, but I do hope I can share some insights with the company later on :).

I prepared a survey, it takes around 7 min to fill it in. Could you spare this time to help? If you could pass it on to a friend (or two), it would be just amazing.

Let me know if you have any questions.

All the best,


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I did use the link, but it requires me to allow cookies presumably as it wouldn’t work.

I have all cookies set as unacceptable in Firefox and sadly your desires don’t reach my criteria for exceptions. Data spread isn’t something I take lightly.

However if you would like to present some queries, here, I would be happy to respond.

All the best in applying what you know to what you want to obtain ::

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Interesting – please consider sharing the outcomes of your research with us when you have finished your project. Good luck


BTW It is so refreshing to read a questionnaire on Fairphone that does not ask “What was your motivation to buy a Fairphone?” … yet again. :pray:


Thank you all for your feedback and for filling in the survey. I already have 14 replies! I hope we can keep them coming, I really appreciate your help.

I’ll definitely share some of my findings sometime in summer :slight_smile:


It might be useful to have a comment box on the questionnaire. For instance, you ask whether the responder would be worried about ending up with a phone that doesn’t work. It’s worth pointing out that when buying a refurbished smartphone (which I’ve done a few times), it’s very important to buy from a reputable source, even if it costs a little more. It needs to be a seller whom you trust, and who has a track record of dealing with returns, refunds, etc. So I would have liked to be able to say that I don’t worry about ending up with something that doesn’t work, because I know that it’s under guarantee for a year, and I trust the seller to take returns and issue refunds.


Yeah, the wording was too loose there, I agree. I think with a proper reseller who is available to go for the 2 week contract cancellation, or a reputable market place, which spreads the risk by a fee eliminates this risk. At least for a techie user.

I think a conditional question like “Did you already purchase a refurbished Smartphone?” follow up “How was your experience?” could elaborate. ATM it is hidden within “I have a positive attitude towards refurbished smartphones”.

My experience there: I bought a refurbished HTC One M8 in my gap year of FP2-> FP3, with the motivation to install LineageOS. However the phone was improperly resetted, had TWRP installed, and the Software running stated it were a development edition phone not to be sold. Don’t think a first time Android user would’ve found any of the problematics within the first two weeks. All under the hood of a certified refurbish reseller by Amazon. I had no shame in soft bricking it as far as I could go and sending it back :sweat_smile:

: Do you compare mobile phones?
: Would promises to longer software updates be relevant?

I demand a replaceable battery, SDcard slot and the phone must be supported by LineageOS. OpenSource and updates are important to me. I always end up with the Samsung Galaxy S5 since it is cheaper then a Fairphone and the technical data are sufficent to me.

Thanks to anyone who filled in the survey and passed it on! I already have 56 responses, which is really great :slight_smile:

This is just a small reminder for those who haven’t seen this post or decided to do the survey later. Thanks a lot for your help, I really appreciate it.

I would love to also get some responses from those who are not Fairphone users, do you know someone in your network who would be keen to spare a few minutes of their time?


If people worry about cookies, you could use a long random token in the “next” links to connect the pages and their results.
Maybe next time. :slight_smile: