Reducing Eye Strain for Nighttime Reading


Longtime reader, first time writer. I am interested to know if there are other people running evening time eye-strain reductions, and what your experience has been. I’m using f.lux on FP Open OS and its going really well, and I was using Twilight previously on stock FPOS.

It would be great to see a few screenshots from the commuunity so that people can have a visual sense of their options. Here is how f.lux looks in different modes:

(I’ll upload a picture when I have computer access, I can’t figure out how to post the screenshot :))

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Very happy user of f.lux here. Both on FP2 and my laptop. Most other apps draw a layer over the screen which can cause issues. (try to install an app when the redshift app is active). Flux changes the light of the screen itself and so does not conflict with other apps. Also I think it is much prettier.

I wanted to post a screenshot to show how it works; but the light-shift is not registered in screenshots.

I am using Red Moon on FP OpenOS - you find it on F-Droid. Runs well and has lots of useful options like setting the screen color / dimming, manual and automatic mode etc.


I’ve used f.lux on my Mac, but I think it’s really annoying that you can’t set the times manually. If I set the location to Vienna the screen starts to dim in the early afternoon in winter. Sure that’s “natural”, but I don’t want to fall asleep at 15:00.
I cheated a bit by setting my location to Tunis, but even that only gets me 11 hours of daylight.
On the FP I’m using Red Moon too, which I’m much more happy with. And let’s be honest. Not being able to install apps in the evening keeps you from making some bad decisions! :wink:


I’m using cf.lumen which works great. Be sure to use “root” driver-level mode, not the simple overlay mode.
Not sure a screenshot would do justice to it. One must actually see it in the dark to appreciate it.

I’m using twilight and I like it a lot:

I’m using Twilight, because it’s easily adaptable. Maybe I should try some of these alternatives too, see if I like them more…

I am very happy with using Twilight on FairphoneOS.

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