Reduced battery lifetime after update to kola nut 1.8.5. and display exchange

I sent my fairhphone (1st edition) in to have a broken display repaired. During the repair the fairphone was updated to the latest operating stystem, Kola Nut 1.8.5. Since I got it back my battery lifetime is ridiculously short. It’s sometimes less than 12h though my phone is not that much in use.

I check former topics, but still I couldn’t find any solution

  • wireless is switched off
  • better battery stats keeps telling me that most of the battery is consumed in deep sleep mode
  • only app using battery regularly is facebook, but I had this installed previously.
  • the phone gets quite hot in the upper front parts when I do longer calls
  • when I charge the phone it says “fully charged” after 20 only minutes.

Please help! I’d like to leave the house for more than just a couple of hours without taking an extra battery with me.

Please check our battery guide - especially the first three points - and post back if it doesn’t help or you have further questions.

Did you try already several load/unload cycles (3 times from 100%–>0%–>100%) to let the new OS calibrate the battery?
But in addition be aware of the notes of paulakreuzer above!

not yet, thanks for the hint!

I have the same problem since the update. My phone has almost no autonomy anymore and turns off suddenly.

I removed the battery to perform the spin test, then inserted it back again. Since then I am back to normal battery life time, though I did not completely discharge and recharge or anything else.

What is the result of your spin-test?
If negative: try to let your phone at least drop down to 0%, load in one run to 100% (let FP switch of is not a bad idea).
Please report back, if everything is normal now…

Phone passed the spin test. Like state above it is now working again. I don’t know if it was either the reboot, the removing of the battery or spinning the battery.

Thanks for your help though!