Redefining longevity: Android 9 now available for Fairphone 2

…and the WiFi connection is also far more stable with A7 than with A9 or A10…

But with serious security issues, as Android 7 got no updates for quite a while now.

Who cares - I never had any security issues, and we don’t use a lot of apps. How many people are walking around with very old smartphones and never have any problems (except for newer apps - but you can avoid those).

The problem is another one: Android as such is a complete failure. It’s usability is a sheer catastrophe. And unfortunately ubports and jolla sailfish are in no ways better, I have them all tried out. Apparently iOS is the only OS with a more or less normal usability.

You should care. The nature of a ‘good’ exploit of a security breach is, that you don’t realize that it is already used to compromise your phone, steal data or use it for illegal activities.

As I’m using iOS and Android, I can’t say, that one of them is better in all ways. Some things are working better or easier on this side of the river, some on the other bank.


Exactly, who really knows what data has unwillingly been extracted. Sure some people may not care ~ until one day. Oops! maybe a security update would have been usefull.

Like @anon83191809 I use few apps etc. but even on my PC I use thunderbird not a web email app, and even then my data is encrypted on an SD card, not the main memory.

My thinking is that I have other peoples personal data too, emails addresses, and I’m sure they would like me to do my best to keep it secure.

I’m still awaiting notification to upgrade my FP2 to android-9,
as haven’t heard anything yet.
Will notification go to my phone, or will i receive an email?
Not sure how this upgrade is being rolled out.
Please advise.

Chris Aldridge
Reading, uk

Have you checked which version of Fairphone Updater you habe installed?

Updates are rolled out in relation with the app version you have installed.
If you’re on the latest version of the app (v. 1.50.2) you should receive the newes android Update :slight_smile:


If you have the current updater you should automatically get a notification to update, network dependent.

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That is not correct FP2 updates are not network dependent.


@yvmuell OK thanks for the correction.


If you are unsure about the updater here’s some previous queries

…and what’s even worse with A9 and A10, is the absolute UNSTABLE and volatile behaviour with WiFi: the FP2 is losing every two minutes or so the WiFi connection in my flat. Sorry, but I cannot use such a desastrous OS. I never had so many problems with WiFi with A7 (and I never have WiFi problems at all with my laptops).

And by the way: with A7 you can encrypt your phone, with A9 you cannot.

Well, I don’t check it frequently, but everytime, I lay my hands on it to look for updates, it has a perfect WiFi connection to my FRITZ!Box. So I can’t complain.


I neither have real issues with WiFi connection using A10 and I never had with A9, so you cannot generalize just because you have issues. At the end everyone has to decide for themself what OS they want to use for whatever reason.


Both my wife’s and my FP2 work very well with our Wifi at home, at friends or pubs. We didn’t notice any difference in this respect between A7 and A9.

You should probably have a look at the protocol files of your Wifi router . You might also want to try the WifiAnalyzer app (availaible from F-Droid).

Wifi problems may have many different causes (signal strength, interference with other transmitters, encryption issues, (temporary) hardware failures, etc.) so debugging them can be tricky. Good luck.


No problems with Wi-Fi here, two FP2s with A9, router is Netgear RAX20.

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Just to even give good feedback: Android 9 works great on Fairphone 2 for me.

Some problems disappeared I had before. No markable problems with Android 9 until many months. Great work. I was a bit disappointed for waiting so long and because of some negative comments here I had the presumption it could be the wrong decision to update to Android 9 but now I am very happy because Fairphone just used the time to build up a very good operating system. Thank you very much!


hi, I’ve waited and waited for my FP2’s update screen to show the newer version of android OS. When/how do I get to make this update, or do I just have to wait - will there be a notification too?

Check if the Updater app is on version 1.50.4 or at least 1.50.2 If it’s on a lower version, the upgrade to Android 9 won’t be offered. Or do you mean an update within Android 9?



One of the hidden costs in electronics is software updates. The problem is that most people think that software updates must be free; in fact, too few stop and think that all the software inside the phone needs a lot of work and it cost money.

To maintain free software updates, manufacturers need to include this cost in the device price and limit it to some years, depending on the phone price and how many units are sold. In summary, to keep the software free electronic waste must be generated.

There is nothing wrong with charging for software updates. How long will you be able to maintain the promise of free software updates for the Fairphone 2? Suppose that the software update costs $100. I would prefer to pay $100 instead of $400 for a new phone just to get the update. Sadly it happens especially with Samsung.

Just think about how much you can support if you charge for software updates beyond the 5 or 3 years. How much do you earn with each unit sold? The software update should give you the same earnings as the new device that you won’t sell.

I think you get the idea that software updates will reduce electronic waste, but you cannot provide them for a long time unless you charge for them.

Have a great day, and keep working


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