Redefining longevity: Android 9 now available for Fairphone 2

Download the app Aurora Store.
With this app-store you can update the app Fairphone Updater to the correct version.
I choose to use his app anonymous.
Now your phone should be able to receive the update for Android 9. Not immediately, but in the coming days.

Thanks for the alternative installation method, but isn’t it Fairphone’s job to deliver this to me through regular means by 18 April as per their promise?


A couple of things

a) Fairphone didn’t make a promise to you as an individual more like they have made software that is available, i.e. you have no contract with Fairphone for the product, so it’s not their job to deliver.

b) The problem is then that the software, in this case an updated OS is made available for the networks, they in turn check it out and if they are happy with it they can make it available for their customers they will push a notification to you so you can download it. This is an OTA update (Over The Air) and is totally depended upon the network provider.

You can contact and ask if they have sent the update to your provider etc.

The other alternative is for you to download the OS manually and install it yourself. I haven’t found a link to a download but maybe Fairphone haven’t released to the public.

I don’t disagree, although if FP give a date for the rollout window but actually it is dependent on mobile providers, it would be better if they explain the way it works in the announcement.

Anyway the theres no blame game from me - I’m very grateful for FP’s continued support for the FP2 and if the OTA update doesn’t appear I will install manually :slight_smile:



I am sorry if I appeared rude, but I read from Fairphone’s announcement on 25 March that the roll-out would take place between 25 March and 18 April. I may have been foolish, but I took this at face value.

I have no knowledge of how such software is distributed, I don’t know anything about the involvement of the networks. You must forgive me if I have misinterpreted Fairphone’s announcement but you must see how it can bring about expectations.

I am aware that deadlines are not always met, however a further announcement managing expectations would have been welcome.


The explanation can be found in a few posts etc.

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I agree that the announcement may have been slightly misleading :confused: sorry to hear that you did not yet receive the update. Hopefully it will soon come through :slight_smile:

I would also suggest to check out the FAQ here:

Q: When do I get the Update?
A: We are providing the Android 9 in batches - each with a limited amount of users, starting on March 25th, 2021. We expect that all devices still in use shall have received the notification for the update in May, 2021. This controlled roll-out enables us to quickly react to possible bugs and issues that arise in the field.


Q: I did not get the update notification yet. How can I update now?
A: You will have to wait until it is your turn. When that time has come, you will receive a notification on your device and you can follow the instructions given there. A manual update to Android 9 is only available after we have invited all Fairphone 2 users to update.

If you can not wait to use Android 9 on your phone, you can always consider joining the beta program. Otherwise you will need to be a bit more patient I am afraid.


This is reg the FP3 and not FP2 and for the FP2 AFAIK updates were so far never rolled out that way. I have no SIM in my FP2 that was updated to Android 9 yestetday.


You’re right, the ties with operators have become stronger with the FP3 as VoLTE and VoWLAN were added. In this case it’s either an issue with the updater app (you can clear its data in Settings > Apps to force it to check for updates) or the roll-out is indeed taking a bit longer.

(If you use an FP3 without a SIM, I believe you get updates based on the last SIM that had been in the device.)


@ctiecher Thanks - great link, I can forget about it for now!

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So, this means it even worked without SIM. Good to know. As I have it as a spare Cell and no SIM in it at the moment, but it would be great to update.


3.0k views. Does this means that there are at least still 3k FP2 users after 6 years? That’s amazing! How many were sold in total?

I believe there were 115k sold in total.

There is a chart with sales per model and year at Fairphones sold 2013-2020 :wink:

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Not really, there could b e just 1000 with an average of three views each though I image there’s more like 30K users. No way of knowing as few come to this site. :slight_smile:

I guess FP will have at least a rough estimate by downloads of OS updates and the like.

Is hiccup still implemented?


Slightly off topic I suppose but my FP2 is still going strong without any replacement modules, and a relative of mine got a FP2 before me (which is why I got mine!) still has hers too and in daily use, also without any replacement modules.

Mine has the semi-transparent case so I’ve had to use a bit of glue, but otherwise… could not be more happy tbh! Its good to see lots of people who are in for the long haul, its kinda the point after all. What I do know is that if I do need a brand new phone or recommend one to someone else, it will be a Fairphone for sure. :slight_smile:


I got my Android 9 update this morning. Everything seems Ok, so no drama. I will have to see how it performs!


My wife’s FP2 got the update today via OTA - everything went fine :grinning:

We only had to place some app icons on the home screen again.

Thnx for keeping FP2 software up to date :+1:


Hi, is it possible to get some progress update on the FP Open OS version?
@karsten or @Ingo, maybe you people would be able to tell us something about that?
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

From what I can understand from the FP2: Android 9 public source release topic, the latest release candidate version is 21.03.0-rel.2 (according to this release manifest in one of FP’s public git repositories, whatever a release manifest is).

Finally, what would be the best way to follow the progress on the Open OS version of Android 9? (so that we don’t have to bother specific people in this topic from time to time :wink:)

Thanks a lot to Fairphone for bringing Android 9 to FP2 :heart: