Red LED lighting up fast while plugged in but not charging, restarttrys all 10 seconds

FP 3 was kept in moist conditon for 3 hours but workt as usual for the rest of the day (expect of the speakers for youtube and music dident work, but rington for incoming calls worked). In the evening i couldnt charge my phone (it didnt showed the lightningsymbol, but was able to restart). Now FP3 has no power anymore. When de cabel is plugged in, red LED lights up fast (once per second) but the screen is black and the battery is not loading. sometimes it tries to restart (white fairphone-sign/powerded by android-sign ond black screen (vibrating works)) evry ten seconds but allways falls back in "red-ligth-blinking-modus" and after one to two blinks of the red light it trys to start up again.

When its unplugged its completly dead (no red light blinking and no restart-trys even when I press de powerbutton long)

I tried everything from disassembly the phone (the speaker and buttom- moduls), cleaning all contacts and drying for a day long), using diffrent chargers and cabels, waiting to pressing the powerbutton long and short

Probably still some moisture. I have yet to dismantle the FP but I remember my Samsung and a Tablet with the power switch causing restart problems so I couldn’t charge.

You may have to dry it in flowing cool air for a day while dismantled and try again, there’s no obvious solution :frowning:

First, you can read the #waterwiki. A bit late, but might be useful.

Then, what happens when you plug your FP3 without the battery? (@others owning a FP3: does it actually do something like on the FP2? Useful for checking if it’s a hardware problem)

Also, you might want to see if there are #fairphoneangels in your area who might be able to help you.

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