Recycling replaced screen

Can anyone tell me what is best to do with the old screen once I have replaced it ?
Is there anywhere it can be recycled?
I’m in the UK

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I’m not aware of anywhere specific, it counts as electrical waste and will be ‘recycled’ with all other electronics, computer screens, tvs etc.

So your local recycling centre is the best bet

Have you not searched the internet before you came here :slight_smile: ?


Thanks for your information. I understand the WEEE Regs do our some emphasis on the manufacturer managing the waste so interested if Fair phone have a specific scheme. Also I tended to think not all recycling programmes are made equal so would expect a fairphone scheme to be recover more material than my council electronic waste bin. So still hoping for something more FP specific if possible.

Thanks for you the time to respond.

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OK :slight_smile:
First this is not a reply forum for Fairphone you would have to ask them specifically via

Secondly there is no way that sending such to Fairphone, or anyone, would be ‘better’ ~ probably a lot worse

  • Fairphone are not a recycling business
  • If you search you will find that for small parts they don’t evn want them back if sent by mistake. The collection, carriage and man hours even taking back a working camera is not work it financially or waste wise.
  • Recycling only works if you want to pay someone to get rid of your rubbish like Council Tax. The screen you have is not worth anything and will probably cause more pollution trying to recycle it. So why recycle ~ to save land fill ??? In which case let the local authority deal with it.

What’s wrong with the display module/screen, cracked, really smashed or electronically dead.

You’re not in or near Bristol by any chance as I could take it.

Fairphone has a recycling program, however not for parts only and you can’t use from UK.

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Many thanks

Shame but understandable they can’t do everything. I couldn’t see it on the webpage but didn’t know if I had missed anything

Thanks for your response

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Answer for people in the Netherlands that end up finding this thread:
Eeko is a company that works together with charities to organise collection of old phones. They pay the charities an amount per phone. Find your nearest collection location here:

Do you know that Fairphone has it own reclycle programm?

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Yes but that seems to be for complete phones and not broken parts.
Also, bringing my broken screen on foot to a collection station (in a shop) seems less taxing on the environment than sending it by mail in a box

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