Recycling program support (phone and email unresponsive)

I sent my old Oneplus Nord (8+128GB) for recycling after getting my FP4. The phone was received by the recycling company 2 months ago (22 of may). They sent me a message, this is not a Nord, this is a Nord N10 (OT but how poor is the control at the recylcing center when you can just look up what phone it is in the settings). Well it took over an hour but with some support and alot of work from my side (getting 3 year old receipts and order mails and photos from the original box (with corresponding serial no’s etc as on the phone) we got that figured out.
This happened between the 30th of may and the 15th of june (took them some time to even figure out why my recycling claim was changed by the recyclers).
Then the 30th of june i get another mail, telling me its taking a while but he will make some more inquiries to see where its at. Since then i’ve heard nothing from FP and i’ve been completely ghosted, not getting any replies to emails. So when calling today and after being on hold for 40 minutes i get an automated voice message that i called outside of the working hours between 10 and 17 CET while its currently 16.15 CET.
Being completely honest, i’ve been decently patient and nice in all my correnspondence with support but im getting quitte fed up with it now.
So since im not getting any support over the phone or via emial i was hoping this might get some traction over here. Is there an easier way to get in touch with FP because i cant be bothered to wait in the queue any more and im also running out of minutes for this month


Hi and welcome to the forum

As this is primarily a user forum, unless a topic is created by Fairphone notifying of an update, Fairphone staff will not read user generated topics.

Saying that you can say via email that you have created this topic, with a link, which means they will be aware of your publicly noted disappointment

Unfortunately, this sounds just in line with the average Fairphone support experience.

Maybe ping them on Twitter or something and hope they pick up on that?

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