Recycling program in the UK?

Hello community.
I have been using a FP2 since 2016 and after many years of very good service the time to say goodbye has come.
Obsviously, I would like to follow the FP ethos all the way to the end (and further) and send it to recycle. Also, the 50 pound gift card encouraged me to do so during March when the FP2 Android OS update support ends.

After filling everything up in the value check (model, IMEI, etc.) the moment of filling my data comes and I see no option for selecting the UK (or England for this purpose) in the drop down menu of countries.

Does this mean that the recycling program does not work for the UK or am I missing something?

Thank you in advance!

First off welcome back to the forum and congrats on having a phone for 7 years, quite impressive.

Secondly as this is a user forum, for a definitive answer you’d best contact

And yes it does still appear as though the UK is not on the recycle scheme.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide shipping labels for Norway, United Kingdom and Switzerland.

That doesn’t mean you can’t send it at your own cost, but it’s unlikely that any parts will get re-used so it may be better just advertising it as a gift in the market.


Thanks for a very quick reply. I will contact support in case there is a way to send it covering the costs from my side.

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