Recycling program in France: DHL or Colissimo?

Hi everyone!

I would like to mention a small confusion in Fairphone’s recycling program. This might confuse other users living in France as I do.

In my former life, before I bought an FP2, I used to own a Sony Xperia smartphone. And then, one day, my Xperia fell on the floor, its screen cracked, and the touchscreen did not work any more. This is how I took an interest in the modular design of the Fairphone - in addition to all the other reasons for buying a Fairphone :slight_smile:

Anyway, now it is time for me to get rid of my useless Xperia. So I subscribed to Fairphone’s recycling program: I went to the recycle page on Fairphone’s website and I filled in the form. Then, I received an email with instructions on how to send the Xperia for recycling. In this email, a shipping label is attached as PDF. I am asked to print the PDF and stick it to my parcel.

The problem is: the email tells me to drop off the package at my nearest DHL location. However, in the shipping label PDF, I do not see any DHL logo. I see a Colissimo logo, which is a trademark of French postal service (La Poste).

Where should I bring my package to?

I’d like to convince people around me (colleagues, friends & family) to use Fairphone’s program. I don’t want this small confusion to disturb them.

Thanks for your help!


As this is a community forum and not an official support forum, you better contact support.

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OK, thanks for your answer. I will try contacting the support team.

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Hi @Tibioh, if your Xperia is really broken, it would not be the best idea to send it to Fairphone in Holland. In France, you can bring your broken electronic devices to the Dechetterie, where they will be recycled in the same way they would be recycled by Fairphone. The only difference would be less CO2 from transport :slight_smile:
See also this topic: About recycling old smartphones (and others like that)


Hi @danielsjohan, thanks for your input.

Actually, only the touchscreen part seems broken. The display itself works fine, and the rest of the phone seems OK. My Xperia is not that old (Z5 Compact bought in 2015). So maybe someone skillful at repairing it might be able to do something out of it :slight_smile:

But I agree, if I could bring it to somewhere near my home, it would cost less CO2 :thumbsup:

I have just checked what my local déchèterie is able to collect. It looks like they are able to collect electronic devices… but they ask people to bring batteries separately from the rest (because batteries are dangerous). Unfortunately, my Xperia has non-removable battery :thumbsdown:
I will check if I can find other collection points near my place (e.g. mobile phone stores).

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If the glass of the screen is fine, you’ll be needing a touchscreen digitizer.

iFixit has a Teardown of the Z5 compact:

I have exchanged a digitizer once for a Samsung Galaxy Ace, which, admittedly, has a removable battery. You can use a common hair dryer for softening the adhesive. TBH I’d love to try and repair your phone, but I live near to Vienna, so that’s not too close to France… :blush:


Hello all,

Oops, I have kept this topic open for too long :slight_smile: It is high time I close it now.

Following @Lidwien’s suggestion, I have submitted an official support request. Support sent an answer… 1 month later (!).
So, in case your were eager to know, the correct answer is… Colissimo / La Poste, and not DHL.
The error was in the instruction email. The shipping label was correct.
In their answer, support wrote they would correct the instruction email.

So I dropped off my package to my nearest post office… and basically this is the end of the story!
Pity, that would be nice to know what Fairphone did of my old phone…