Recycling FP1 - battery required

Having received my FP3 I want to return my old FP1u via the recycling scheme but I can’t find any mention of the battery. Is the battery required for the 40 Euro refund? If so, do I need to discharge it before sending? I believe there are some regulations around shipping Li-ion batteries.

I guess you can get a definitive answer by #contactsupport

There is a FAQ entry that says to leave the battery inside unless it’s bloated.


Ah yes, I didn’t see that. Thanks

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Hi there, does anybody know whether the batteries from Fairphones can be recycled? And if not, how to dispose of them?
I have a Fairphone 2 and had to buy a new battery. I’m wondering how to best dispose of my old one (which had some charge but was dying quickly - so it’s only good for parts/recycling).
Thanks for any help!

Fairphone always states that old batteries should be disposed of locally. The battery is the most dangerous part of a smartphone, so it should be avoided to send batteries in the mail. So you better look up what the correct way of disposing of it in your local community is.

Official wording by Fairphone:

Lithium-ion batteries contain hazardous materials and can not be shipped per regular post. Please discard them locally as soon as possible. Consult the website of your municipality on lithium-ion batteries/chemical small waste disposal programs.


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That’s helpful, thank you!

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