Recycled plastic in charger... or not?

When looking at the FP charger on the website, the following caught my attention:

“And it wouldn’t be a Fairphone charger, if we didn’t do our best to include recycled plastic in its housing.”

What does this mean? Did they actually include recycled plastics, and if so, how much and post- or preconsumer recycled? Or did they try to include it and failed… I am really wondering, because often such vague claims can be found in greenwashing companies. Hope that that is not the case here :upside_down_face:
Curious about your thoughts on this…

Curious about user’s thoughts, that messy. You do know this is just a user forum. If you want o know ask Fairphone as this looks like it could be a bit of a windup question :cry:

Mystery solved: I received my charger today, and on the packaging it says 30% recycled plastics. Doesn’t state whether that is post- or pre-consumer, but it is something :tipping_hand_man:


If it hasn’t been used before i.e. no previous consumer then how could it be pre-consumer recyled or do you mean offcuts ???

I am not sure what you mean with offcuts, but I guess that this article explains :slight_smile:

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Yes thank you, it is as I expected. Pre-consumer is plastic, in this case, that never made it to the end consumer.
Remains left in the production, that are recycled.

This version is more of a sensible business use. Imagine all the filings of gold when a ring is being cut down to fit a smaller finger, or the millings from piece of aluminium being shaped.
Pre consumer waste reduction can also be enforced on a company by legislation as in reducing waste to stop pollution

The post consumer is a mix of both too. Whereas legislation can enforce the consumer it relies more on the notion of care for the overall environment as well, and more so, localised pollution.

No one wants to fill their garden with rubbish but them who else can we dump it on. It becomes a business in it’s own right and then we can use legislation to support the business.

In Faiphone’s case you could of course ask them, but I think you will fine it is post-consumer based on the ‘logic’ that the quality hasn’t been up to par, note the FP3 brittle back, and so I’ve heard about the FP4 back cover. And the colours of the plastics, including the FP4 options, grey, green etc. though note the green is only painted grey so all the plastic is grey.

Pretty sure it looks like recycled consumer rubbish. Ecologically it may have some fans, but phones are anything but ecological so tarting it up with recycled plastic won’t help at all.

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