Recycle FP2 modules along with old FP2


I bought recently the new FP3.
Now I want to send back my old FP2 to be recycled and receive the cash reward.
I also have a couple of FP2 bottom modules which I accumulated over the years, when I had to replace them. The modules have no visible damage, but they don’t work (main microphone non-functional if I remember correctly).
Can I send the old modules back to be recycled along with the phone?

Thanks in advance

An interesting question (and I’m curious about the answer), but it does sound exactly the kind of thing that customer support can tell you. Which is not this forum :wink: . I’d recommend to just give them a ring and ask!


Sir if it works then I b interested to buy from you you asi need phone. Please help me howmuch do you want me to to pay

I am really sorry Rik.
I sent back the device a few days ago.
I am pretty sure you can find used Fairphones online.

Stay safe

Thank u for letting me know

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