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I had to replace the display module of my FP2 cause the glass was broken after I dropped it. Now I am trying to find out how to recycle the broken display module. Do I send it back? Is the shipping free? Or should I take it to a collecting point close by? I understand that most recyclers want the whole phone and not just one part of it.

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Of course it depends on the country/region you live in, but there should be a collection of waste electronic equipment available (if you’re living in the EU). This would be the right place to recycle your screen module.


Is just the glass broken and the touch-input still works?
If so it can probably be fixed and you could probably make someone happy (and yourself a little richer) if you sell it on the #market.
Sometimes a screen protector foil is enough to keep the screen usable by keeping the glass fragments from falling off.

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