Recovering data from smashed phone

Hi, my screen is completely destroyed -ran over by several cars found it an hour later so really gone… But it boots, rings and for a couple of days connected to wifi (so I could see my whatsapp via computer). The usb port works, my computer recognises it. But I cannot unlock the screen or choose file transfer so my computer can see it. Is there anyway to override this please?

Buying an new FP2 screen would be throwing good money after bad. I have ordered a newFP3 and have raised this query with Fairphone but no useful response yet.

Do you know even of a commercial business who could retrieve this for me please. Some was backed up but not all. thanks!

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If you are resident in the UK I could send you a used FP2 screen to see if this suffices to unlock your device, if you don’t mind covering my postage costs when you send it back. Probably better to send me a personal message about this.


Else … You could try whether #fairphoneangels could help you out with a display temporarily.

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Just to be sure: do you have USB debugging enabled on your FP2 and have you approved access for your current PC? If so, you can pull data from the device without attaching a screen.

That would be perfect, thank you. And happy to return the kindness by giving you my spare FP2 camera if it would be of use! It works fine- just I upgraded the original for higher res - it was not involved in any road traffic accident!

yes thanks! I had written to one. But have now taken up Aspergerguys offer. thanks for answering

ah you lost me… no idea what USB debugging is, so I guess not! I have used my current PC to access the phone in the past but each time I have to swipe down and say allow file/photo sharing, before I can access it. And that’s what I can’t do.

Because if you could see that screen… it’s barely there…I should say the visual devastation on the phone is extensive but otherwise it seems to be like The Terminator.

I’m a mixture of gutted and impressed

I have previously put the phone into recovery mode (under instruction) but not sure if that might be a way?

My FP2 suffered from a black unresponsive screen, but connected to the PC by USB or WLAN, I was able to use the app MyPhoneExplorer on FP2 and PC to establish a screen rendering on the PC and navigate through to all the backup options, creating backups on the phone and copying them to the PC.
For that, you would of course need to have been using MyPhoneExplorer before getting run over by traffic. For all of you who still have a chance, install MPE and play with it, it is one of the most useful apps I have ever encountered. Franz-Josef Wechselberger, the developer, has a pretty neat site in English and German.

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Thanks DanSan, good tip and I’ll download MPE on my next phone!

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