Recover data from a completely broken phone


does anyone have experience on recovering data from a FP1 internal data chip?
The FP1 is completely “dead” no chance to boot or start it…
It would be great to get the data from the internal data chip.


Are you sure the phone is really dead, not just the battery or the USB port?

There are specialized companies that might be able to recover the data (like CBL), but I guess that’s quite expensive, so it depends on how important the stuff is.

If your boot loader is somehow a little bit working, it might be possible to transfer some of your data with this method.

(I had to use this once to reflash everything after I messed my partition layout up.)

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Hi Niklas,

thanks for the link. I will try that. The bricked phone is not my own one, so I have to check if there is any reaction on power on…

Continue here:

Does anyone know a good and trustworthy data recovery company in Austria/ Vienna?

I know Kroll Ontrack, and they seem to have an Austrian office.

I heard a lot about them, and I think they are trustworthy, but I fear they’re not cheap. :wink:

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