Recording video with sound from external microphone

I’m trying to record video using audio from an external microphone. I have a TRRS splitter which gives me two 3.5mm sockets, one for headphones and one for an external microphone. This is plugged into a USB-C to TRRS adaptor. Unfortunately when recording videos, the camera app only records audio from the internal microphone.

I can’t see any settings related to the microphone in the camera app so how can I make this work?

Nobody’s tried this then? Is it worth contacting support?

Well, this is a fairly specialised setup and people are only going to be able to help who both have similar equipment (not my case!) and frequent the forum.

Have a look round and check out any info you can find such as here.

See option 2: it’s important to connect the mic to the splitter before you connect the splitter to the phone’s USB port, so it sees what the setup is when the connection is made. Just like the old days of PnP.

For information:

@MorayM You might try Open Camera app just to see what happens.