Recording calls on FP 5

On my previous phone (Samsung running Android 6) I used Cube ACR to record phone calls. This does not work on my FP5. I have tried serveral other apps with no succsess. Has anyone had any sucsess recording calls using an FP5 running android - other than using a voice recorder whilst using speakerphone?

That is illegal, that’s why nobody is testing that.

It is not illegal with the permission of the other party.


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Have you tried the Helper-App yet?

Oh, I did not know that Cube ACR asks before recording.

As it is nor legal everywhere its quite difficult to record calls already since some time.

Yes I have tried the ACR helper with no succsess.

My understanding is that in the UK it is not illegal for individuals to record phone calls. What must happen is that if the other party specifically asks you if you are recording the call then you must admit that you are. Failure to admit that your are recording the call - if asked - will render the recording liable to be ruled inadmissible as evidence in a UK court of law.
The rules are different for businesses other organisations.

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