Recording audio with native app should also work during calls

When I recently made an important call, I wanted to record it. I hit record in the native app for recording audio, dialed the number and made the call. The audio recorder continued to record when I exit the app, but stopped recording when I made the call. It also stops when I watch a video. It does save the audio file though, after the automatic stop.

It would be cool if the recorder worked on the background, regardless of other things the phone does. Is this possible somehow?

I am sure there are apps which can do that. The preinstalled app can’t I am afraid.

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I think you are trying to use the wrong functionality to record your call. It’s much simpler than what you’re trying. Here’s what to do:

  • Make a Call
  • Press the “Settings” button (bottom left of the phone)
  • Select “Start Recording”

To stop recording you press “Settings” again and choose “Stop Recording” or else it auto-stops when you hang up.

The recordings are available from the folder “PhoneRecord” on the “Internal Storage”.

Disclaimer: Out of privacy reasons, you should tell the other person on the phone, that you are recording the call.


Wow, this is definitely easier than I would have thought! Great, thanks!

One small footnote: the option to record is only available when the call has been answered, not while you’re waiting for them to pick up.