Recording app recommendation needed (quality issues)


I’m having trouble with the sound quality of my recording app whenever it’s more than just one voice and nothing in the background. It seems there’s a very trigger-happy noise suppression algorithm at work that I cannot seem to disable. I mostly use it to record vocal lessons and rehearsals, so a crisp sound is paramount.

The helpdesk directed me to you lovely people so if anyone has a suggestion for a voice/sound recorder app that doesn’t result in strange underwater sounds when, say, there’s a piano involved or something else going on the background, I’d be much obliged.

Right now I’m using the app “Audio Recorder” on the highest setting. It doesn’t have any option to turn off noise suppression.

Thank you!

There’s a known max volume cut off. The only immediate thing is to reduce the input so it doesn’t cut by covering the microphones a bit. ??

Ah, thanks! Won’t that mess with the quality though? (Though I guess it’s a lesser of two evils kind of thing, eh?)

Quality shouldn’t be effected just overall volume so it doesn’t clip. Maybe it won’t work, but maybe worth a try. :slight_smile:

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