Record video with music playing

The OpenCamera worked on my OnePlus, but not on Fairphone. Is there an app I can use, so I can play music (via bluetooth) from my phone, while filming with the same phone and get the music recorded aswell?

Works for me using Spotify to play music on a BT box and recording a video with OpenCamera. So what exactly does not work for you?

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I wasnt clear enough, sorry. I get only a black film, but with music. So I cant see what I’m filming/what I was filming, it’s just black/really really really dark…
It must be something with the camera/light. My normal camera works fine, it’s just the OpenCamera-app that gives me really dark, basically all black, videos.
Anyone that has solved this issue?

out of curiosity I have just run the test, when recording the video, my BT music sharing stops…

apologies @yvmuell, should have mentioned, stock camera, which for @Mariana_MC seems to be working just fine

No Problem here. So does the camera/video work in general?

Stock cam or OpenCamera?


The normal camera: no problem. OpenCamera on my Fairphone5 is dark/black. So the problem is the OC-app & Fairphone-combination? Light?

No the combination is not a general Problem, because as said I can use it without issues. Did you install OC from Playstore or F-Droid? Did you try to deinstall and reinstall? Light dont know under which conditions you tested?

From Playstore and I have reinstalled it. I got it to work now, if I

  1. Open the OpenCamera, turn off the Exposure Compensation to min -4.
  2. Close the oc-app
  3. Open the oc-app, turn the exp comp to max +4

Maybe a bug in the PS version of the App.

For me it stops everytime and quick google search revealed it is a common complaint . Unfortunately solutions posted like here do not work for me.

I never record such videos but still puzzling.

Thats the same for me with stock cam, however not the problem here and it works with Open Camera.

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@Mariana_MC i now install OpenCamera from F-Droid, dont have Preview-Is-Black problem until set EV from default 0. If setting EV, then preview is OK until go to Settings, show taken photos, switch to other app and back to OC, etc…
When is black for me not need set to -4 close,open… but in current running OC simple set EV to 0, then can be set from zero and preview not black until step above

EDIT: and with OC can be record video with audio from phone, thanks for tip :⁠-⁠)

If someone else needs help; Reset settings in Open Camera!